In the advancement of microelectronics industries, ther is a noticeable trend in the requirement for miniature packages with higher i/o and industries have been looking for ways and methods to achieve thest specifications.     
ingapore asahi has been continuously striving toweards the development of interconnects materials and is pleased to present our latest development,the ultra solder balls.     
ltra Solder Balls are manufactured under stringent control to ensure consistant sphericity of every solder ball. in order to provide an excellent surface brightness, our innovative technology ensures that the size tolerance is free from impurities such as oil and dust particles.      
ight size tolerance in every solder ball, which determines the co-planarity of the packages, is another aspect of our technology.       
ltra Solder Balls comes in various alloy composition and sizes catering to the industries needs the size of the solder balls ranges from 10 mils. to 35 mils. (0.254 mm. to 0.889 mm.) ; other sizes are available upon request.