LaserCut Stencils

Superior stencil design, coupled with quality manufacturing, ensures that you achieve maximum end of the line yield. Control of the aperture characteristics, stencil thickness and accurate fiducial generation are directly correlated to the volume, alignment and positioning of material deposited during printing. DEK brings new understanding and technical expertise to these critical stencil manufacturing parameters and ensures that your laser cut stencils are of the highest quality and are delivered according to your schedule. DEK's Laser Cutting Process

DEK's proprietary stencil cutting equipment provides customers with the most precise and accurate products on the market today. With guaranteed tolerance of aperture dimensions to +/- 5µm over the entire printable area, equipment that ensures speed and precision for the manufacture of fine-pitch, high-density stencils and the assurance of 100% inspection of each stencil, DEK's laser cutting process delivers stencils for today's most demanding applications.

Stencil Characteristics & Specifications

Intrinsic properties of the laser cutting process result in apertures with a trapezoidal cross-section, which allows for excellent paste release. The flexibility of DEK's laser equipment enables the creation of high-contrast fiducials on the surface of the stencil with extreme accuracy and eliminates the need for in-filling.

DEK's Laser Cut Stencil Specifications:

Pitch limit: sub 4 mil (100µm) aperture; 2 mil (50µm) gap.
Stencil thickness: 2 mil (50µm) - 20 mil (500µm).
Cutting accuracy: +/- 5µm over entire print area.
Input data: Gerber, HPGL, DPF (Ultracore can also scan direct from a PCB).
100% inspection, post-manufacture.
Cut from finest quality stainless steel for uniformity and accuracy.
24-hour turnaround in most cases. ISO9001 certified manufacturing globally.